4 Things to Consider when Selecting a Jiu Jitsu Academy

It’s important to make sure you find a good match when deciding to join a Jiu Jitsu school. Here are four things to consider while evaluating or visiting an academy:

Quality Instruction. Who teaches classes? How many instructors are on staff? Are they still actively training, and do they roll with students of all belt levels?  Is instruction available in both gi and no-gi grappling?

Convenient Schedule. Are there class times that fit your schedule?  Are fundamentals classes offered for beginners?

Positive Vibe. Are the students welcoming and friendly? Do higher belts help and encourage lower belts? Is there a varied population of students?  Are there students training there for the same reason as you, sport, hobby, or self-defense?

Commitment to Cleanliness.  This was always important, but even more so nowadays in light of COVID-19. Are all areas of the school well maintained?  In particular, are the mats clean?

Once you start training, you’ll be spending a lot of time at the academy. It’s important at the onset to visit a couple schools and make sure you find the one that feels “right” to you.

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