About Americana Jiu Jitsu

We’re more than a school – we’re a community.

You're in good company at Americana!

We are committed to our students' success and to creating a positive environment for all to train.

Americana prides itself on its friendly atmosphere, technically sound instruction, and challenging roll partners.

Its mission is to provide a welcoming, friendly environment in which anyone – men, women, teens, and children – can feel comfortable training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – be it for fitness, self-defense, or sport.

Why should you join our academy?


As Grapplers

As grapplers, we each benefit from a team approach to teaching. Instruction from multiple black belts allows students to learn and pull from a variety of styles and body types rather than learning exclusively through the lens of just one instructor. 

As Teammates

As teammates, we trust and rely on each other to work hard, challenge one another, and further each other’s development. Since, as the saying goes, “you can’t roll alone,” we strive to be the perfect blend of tough yet respectful training partners.

As People

As people, we treat each other with respect as like-minded members of a shared community. You’ll be greeted and welcomed by name at Americana. Friendship and a strong sense of camaraderie is important to us. 

Americana Jiu Jitsu
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