Baseball bat choke set up from turtle

Baseball Bat Choke Set-up from Turtle

In this Technique Spotlight, Prof. Kevin demonstrates a baseball bat choke set-up for when your opponent turtles.

With your hip tight to his (careful to not let him roll you over by grabbing your far arm and pulling it under), keep pressure by pushing into him with your hip and holding him tight in place with your far hand.

Grab inside his collar at the base of his neck with your thumb on top and four fingers inside. Next, move your far hand to make the second (thumb inside) grip on the back of his gi. Then fall over his shoulder, making sure your body lands underneath (not in front of) your opponent’s.

Position yourself correctly by visualizing pushing your opponent up to make space to slide underneath and also keeping  your elbows tight to your hips so your opponent can’t transition to an armbar before you finish the choke.

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