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Class Descriptions & Schedule

Fundamentals Kids BJJ classes (ages 5 and up) include a structured warm-up, technique instruction and drilling, positional drilling, and for those students who are ready, live rolling. Wednesday’s class is always no-gi to offer students the opportunity to train both gi and no-gi, and Friday is our ever-popular, game-based Fun Friday class. 

Preteen/Teen Class (ages 11 and up) offers older kids and young teens their own space to train with students their size and age. Teens age 16 and up are welcome to begin transitioning into our adult program.

Advanced Kids BJJ classes allow our more experienced students time to challenge themselves with more complicated techniques and aspects of Jiu Jitsu, and the opportunity to train for competitions, should they like. These classes are by assessment and invitation only. Students attending the Fundamentals classes will have the opportunity to move up to the Advanced classes. 

Adult Basics classes are free and a great opportunity for new students to learn the fundamentals and for existing students to revisit theirs. Class focus on body movements relevant to Jiu Jitsu, grappling strategy, technique instruction and drilling, and controlled positional sparring. The goal is to provide a structured environment for beginners to learn and practice techniques before introducing live rolling. These classes are also a great transitional class for teens!

Adult All Levels classes include a dynamic warm-up, technique instruction and drilling, positional sparring, and live rolling. Takedowns and throws are routinely incorporated. Wednesday and Friday night classes are always no-gi to give students the opportunity to train both styles.

Women’s Intro to BJJ class takes the intimidation out of stepping onto the mats for the first time in a room full of men. Every Saturday morning, we offer a free women’s class as a relaxed, women’s-only environment in which to learn about the sport.

Open Mat does not include a formal warm-up or instruction, but offers adult and teen students time for live rolling and drilling. This is your time to work with a partner on anything you want!

Private or semi-private lessons are always available. 

Parent/child private lessons are a great way for family members to learn the basics of the sport before transitioning to group classes. Contact us for more information!


White gis only.

All students must complete a COVID-19 symptom and temperature check prior to every class check-in. 

Additional parking in the lot across Mawhinney Avenue. 

Women’s self-defense workshops are offered periodically and can also be scheduled for your group of 8 or more. 

New students are always welcome!  Registration is on an ongoing basis throughout the year. 

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