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Welcome! We’re excited you’re here.

Thanks for your interest! Here's what you need to know:


Your free trial includes two classes. 

We ask that you schedue your 1st class with our manager Laurie to ensure proper class selection and so that the instructor knows to expect you. 

You’re welcome to schedule your 2nd class with us as well or refer to our online schedule and return on your own. We just ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to get settled before class begins. 

What to wear

Kids & Preteens – Wear a t-shirt or athletic/moisture-wicking shirt along with shorts or leggings. We have loaner gi jackets and belts for use during a trial class.   What NOT to wear: hooded shirts, sweatshirts, or sweatpants.  

Adults – For gi classes, wear a t-shirt or athletic/moisture-wicking shirt and borrow a loaner gi (jacket and pants) and belt for your trial class. For no-gi classes, wear an athletic/moisture-wicking shirt paired with shorts free of zippers and buttons (basketball shorts are ideal) or leggings. 

All classes are taken barefoot.

Please note: Our academy policy is white gis only. If you own a white gi from previous training, you’re welcome to wear it. 

After class, please leave all loaner gis and belts in the hamper in the changing room or with a kids instructor to be laundered.

When you arrive

Parking – There are spots in front of our building and additional parking in the lot across the side street (Mawhinney Avenue) next to to the dry cleaners. On-street parking is also available on the side streets. 

Checking In – Please check in with someone at the front desk or with the instructor once the class before yours concludes. We also ask that you check in on the iPad (type name, select class time and then ‘confirm check-in’) or if you have not yet registered for our database, that can be done on the iPad as well. 

What to expect

We know walking through the door for your first class is the hardest part! 

We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming, friendly environment in which anyone – men, women, teens, and children – can feel comfortable training Jiu Jitsu.

Class Structure – Class typically includes a warm-up, technique instruction, and live rolling. You’ll be paired with a more experienced student who can explain things and assist. Trial students (especially children) have the option to sit out to observe the live rolls or be paired with another student for positional or escape drills or to work the techniques taught that day.

We all remember our first couple of classes — our goal is to make getting started in Jiu Jitsu as approachable as possible!

Enjoyed class and want to sign up?

Special Intro Offer – If you liked your trial classes and would like to sign up, we offer a new student intro package that includes six weeks of classes and a free academy gi and white belt for $149. 

After your six weeks wrap up, you can officially join the AJJ family with a monthly membership.

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